Mark Laurence Donald Emerson

Hi! I'm Mark Emerson, and this is my personal web page. You may also learn about me here on Facebook and read my resume here on LinkedIn.

I have always been a person who thinks big. Some of my big thinking is briefly described on this page. I am grateful to the hundreds of people who have encouraged and supported me and various aspects of my work over the course of my life.

I was married for 17 years, and have been divorced for a long time. I have three sons and two grandchildren.

I was raised as an atheist. While studying math at UCLA, I started experiencing God in the mathematics (I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Math, minoring in Music). That was just the beginning of my spiritual journey. Today, I am deeply devoted to God, and my life is completely surrendered to God.

My main spiritual teacher is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, with whom I've had a personal relationship since I met him in 1988. He is the founder of The Art of Living. The breathing, meditation and other spiritual techniques I've learned from Sri Sri have made it possible for me to handle my emotions and remain happy on the inside most of the time. I am deeply grateful for this!

AngelBase™ is a new IT platform technology I invented, starting in 1991. Database applications built on the AngelBase platform fundamentally empower end users. I raised startup capital for AngelBase in 1995. Beginning in 2002, two of my sons, David and Jonathan, joined me. They are now co-inventors of AngelBase. This is a longterm project, that's for sure, but we have incredible grit! And in the field of success, passion and persistence are king. Then, after many long years of struggle, in 2014, a miracle happened--we received an investment of one million dollars!

In 2013, with Jonathan's help, I prepared a set of nine videos presenting a mathematical proof that God exists. It's called The G Proof™. Based on responses I've received from some atheists, who don't seem to "get it" when it's placed right in front of them, I am writing a book that will address their many objections. It's a dialog, modeled after Galileo's book, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems. However, the book project is currently on hold as I work on other projects.

I am also the founder of a spiritual organization, called The Legacy of the Angels, which holds worship services periodically. At our services, we conducted a number of Angelic Rain Rituals to end California's drought emergency. I am stunned by the seeming success of these rituals. As explained in detail beginning here, each time we did the ritual, it rained. Are our rituals causing the rain? I don't know for certain, but I'm encouraged. And the drought is now over!!

I love to teach and am good at it. My teaching skills were first developed working one-on-one with hundreds of students as a private tutor, primarily in algebra and geometry. Back in the 1970s, I taught mathematics and chemistry for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Later, I founded a private school that offered summer school classes in algebra and geometry for credit, writing my own textbooks on both topics. My teaching methods were extremely successful. For example, 100% of my geometry students were writing correct, 10-line proofs on the first day of class (a 4-hour summer class). That is a stunning achievement in math education, and it has been replicated numerous times.

But alas, certain forces in the educational establishment eventually defeated my school, even as the parents of my students rallied to support me against the LAUSD School Board. I tried again in the early 1990s by creating a partnership with Crossroads School in Santa Monica, in which I taught evening classes in algebra and geometry (to LAUSD students), but was again defeated by the "educationist" bureaucrats, who care far more about their power than about educating students. My long-range plan is to use AngelBase to create systems that effectively teach algebra and geometry utilizing my successful methodologies and that are available to students worldwide, regardless of anything the bureaucrats do or fail to do.

For 13 years beginning in 1982, I worked as a software engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company, where I was responsible for a complex software system that drove a far-field range for testing satellite antennas. Later at Hughes, I moved to information technology, where I was responsible for data quality. I quit my job at Hughes in 1995 when I got the initial funding for AngelBase. That was a glorious day!

I have written over a thousand legal documents for approximately 150 attorneys. I do this work for the spiritual purpose of bringing the Light of God into the legal system (where it is desperately needed). I promote my spiritually-based legal work via email and the website

Thanks for reading. God bless you!